Set in a Georgetown hospital, Across the River gets right  to the heart. Orem has a keen sense of detail and a rare  combination of empathy and equanimity with regard to his characters. The result is an honest and powerful work.  

                            Ronald Spatz, Editor, Alaska Quarterly Review

​                                                          Sample
  Winner: Clay Reynolds Novella Prize

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A suicide who has time to regret his act . . . the psychology of brain surgeons . . . a college student's first encounter with blood . . .
1699. The seas of the Caribbean are haunted by piracy. The land is a contest ground between empires. 

And a British boy shipwrecked on the Florida Keys must survive among the Shell People, who tell him
he has been singled out for a mission by the Panther God.
When a book reinvents its genre like this, it is sure to merit close attention.         

                           Historical Novels Review
Reader Beware: Killer of Crying Deer is not a beach read. It is a serious novel, maybe even an important one, in the tradition of Moby DickHeart of Darkness, and The Red Badge of Courage.                             

                              Donna Meredith,                                           Reviewer's Bookwatch
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Winner: GLCA New Writers Award
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Winner: Eric Hoffer Award
It is far and away the best work of fiction ever written about Haiti, during this period, by a non-Haitian.

                       Madison Smartt Bell