A Bloomington Series, Large (4' x 2.5', acrylic and graphite on canvas)
Untitled  / A Bloomington Series (graphite on paper)
Studies of a skull (graphite on paper)
The Generosity of Abraham  (12'' by 14'', acrylic on canvas)
I dreamed I saw the number five (18'' by 22'', acrylic on canvas)
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Untitled , Large (4' x 3', graphite on raw canvas)
Untitled, Large 2 (5' by 4 1/2', graphite on raw canvas)
Foot (graphite on paper)
Skull of a horse 
Numb after surgery (drawing of my left ear)
Study of the cross (acrylic on canvas board)
Untitled, 2' by 2 1/2 ', graphite on raw canvas
Untitled (graphite on canvas)
Painting with black (3' by 4', acrylic on canvas)
Two / untitled (mixed media)
Untitled (acrylic on canvas)
Waking #1 (4' by 5', house paint, acrylic on canvas)
Untitled (3' by 4', acrylic on canvas)
Untitled (acrylic on canvas) 
untitled (pencil on raw canvas)
Eye, graphite on canvas
with emptiness